Which Cartridge/TT Should i buy - Ortofon MM Black, Rega Exact, Rega Ania?

Hi, I want to buy a turntable and want help on which cartridge would work best for my music taste and if my setup can support these cartridges.

For Ortofon MM Black i'll probably add it on a Project Carbon Debut EVO
Rega Exact or Rega Ania I'll add it to a Rega Planar 2 or 3; will these 2 cartridges still sound good with the planar 2 and 3?

My amplifier is a Yamaha RN303 and KEF Q150 speakers, i'll get an external phono based on which turntable I get.

My music taste is mostly vocals and singing, artists like The Weeknd, Coldplay, Daniel Caesar, Ariana Grande

I want to know your opinion on these questions

Will the cartridges sound good on the turntables ill fit them to?
Which cartridge should I get based on my music preference?
Is my amplifier and speakers good enough to play the quality of the turntable and cartridge?
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I’m listening to the 2M black right now and had the 2M blue before.  Just get a 2 m blue or bronze and save some money.  I really like Ortofon and got the 2M black in a package deal but liked the blue about as well.  The black is some better but there is the old diminishing returns conundrum.