which cables with Faroudja Native Rate + Sharp9000

Hi I need to buy cables to connect my Sharp 9000 and the Native Rate scaler. I need a 5 cable BNC on one end and a 15 pin on the other in order to connect to the projector's computer input, which according to Sharp, is the only way to bypass the internal scaler of the projector. Is any cable available with 5BNC and 15 pin if special ordered? Faroudja was pretty vague as to the brand they would recommend, but did mention Canare and transparent. I have been using AudioQuest up until now to connect my dvd player to the Sharp.

What cables are other Faroudja owners using?

Thanks for any help you can offer me.
I needed the same cable to go from an RCA HDTV set top box to my Sony 10HT projector and got my 25' run from www.BetterCables.com.
Try www.bettercables.com. I think they have what you are looking for. I use one of their cables between a NRS and a G90 and have no complaints. However, my cable is 5 BNC on both ends.

Musicman, Try the Monster cables, which by the way are ISF
certified. I own the Better cables silver serpent and the Monster. I like the Moster stuff better.

Good luck..........Vader