Which arm for Avid Acutus table?

Hi, I need help in deciding which arm to mate with my Avid Acutus table. I am narrowing down to two arms, SME V and Tri-Planar VII. I am in favor of the Tri-planar but Mas designed his table to mate with SME. I would like to hear from peoples who have personal experience with the Acutus table with these two arms combo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My system is consist of Magnepan 3.6, Classe Omega amp, Chapter Audio Preface 2, and Rel Stadium sub.

I want to go into analog in a big way so I'm building my analog set up by starting with Avid Acutus table.


Well, if you chat with Avid or look at their website they'll say its desigend in such a way as to work best with an arm with 'rigid gimbals bearing designed pick-up arms' (whatever they are!)

I did have a Graham Series 2 on my Acutus and thought it sounded fine. I have since changed for an SME IV. Due to the length of time it took me to swap them across I couldn't really do an A - B comparison. However, I did feel the Acutus sounded better with the SME, it certainly did not sound worse, of that I am sure! And if I'd bought the SME in the firts place I'd have saved a lot of money as at the time of purchase the Graham was about £1000 more expensive!
Thanks Bazb for your input. I picked up a Triplanar VII arm and really liking it on this table. I was contemplating between SME V, Triplanar and Dynavector arm. I ended up with Triplanar instead.