which amp? too many choices

I have a denon 4802 and am looking to upgrade to an amp with good sound and power. and will have continued use when I upgrade to a surround processor. have looked(reviewed)the ati 1506 the rotel 1095 the mva5 the tagmclaren the cinenova grand5 the proceed etc.. it seems all have some sort of drawbacks in sound at some critical listening area etc..I want alot of power and excellent sound for HT and stereo(I typically use the 5 channel stereo because it sounds better when I'm not directly in front of the speakers)btw I have four def tech 2004tl powered subs and the 2500 center speaker. right now it seems as though I lack midbass and real low frequencies(although the def techs are rated at 17hz. any comments or general help would be most appreciated.thnx
They do all have some drawbacks in some areas of critical listening area - unfortunately, you can avoid that even in higher priced models, but certainly at the price level you're looking.

Which isn't to say that what you're looking at isn't great gear! You just have to decide which are the most important parameters for you personally, which things you prioritize highest, and choose the amp that meets the most of those while having limitations you can best live with. You don't state your listening preferences, etc., but certainly the Proceed Amp5 and the Sunfire model you mention are highly regarded 5-channel amps that I believe you'd find to be a major improvement over the Denon. Better yet, spend the same amount on a really nice 2-channel amp, and continue to use the Denon for the other three channels. When you're up walking around and listeing to 5-channel stereo, you won't mind the limitation, but when you're critically listening, you'll have the best, with the 2-channels being the highest quality. -Kirk

Just wanted to clarify that the poster did not mention the Sunfire. The Cinenova Grand is a product from Earthquake and is not the same as the Sunfire Cinema Grand. Even with the similarities in names, i have no idea as to how they compare sonically. Earthquake tends to "copy" or "borrow liberally" from a lot of the Carver / Sunfire designs from what i can tell. Sean
The 4802 has a very good pre-amp with a great decoding section. It also has the advantage for 2-channel stereo to use the "pure direct" mode.

I'd look at the Theta Dreadnaught and the Balanced Audio Technologies VK-6200. Either the Theta or the BAT can be purchased in 3 channels and later up graded to 5 (or in the case of the BAT 6) channels when you get a new surround processor.

Of the two, my choice would be the BAT VK-6200 (if you have the budget) for pure sound quality. However, if you have the chance you should audition both (preferably with your surround system).

Each channel in the BAT is a separate amp with its own power supply - all housed in a single chassis. It has both single ended and balanced inputs. The VK-6200 is a monster. A 6-channel configuration weighs well over 200 pounds. It's also really, really looong. If you think you might have a depth problem where it will be installed, you would do yourself a favor to look at the BAT website to see how big it is.

Use the new 3-channel power amp to drive the front speakers and use the 4802 to drive the rear surrounds. When you buy a new processor, add the additional 2-channels to the power amp for the surround speakers at the same time. Or, if the case is that you have the money currently, buy the amp with all 5-channels and use the 4802 only for a pre-amp.
Krell KAV 250a can be had on audiogon for under $2000. It's quite a bit better than Classe
Hello Drptpcpe,
I recommend that you listen to the Aragon 8008x5. It is a monster(200w per ch) and it really takes command of any speaker you throw at it. I have the 3 ch version and I am very happy w/it. Aragon has just introduced there new line of amps, so you should be able to find it at a very reasonable price. I would definitly audition this amp. happy hunting......john