Which amp for Def's

I own a pair of Def 2000TL's which as you probably know have powered 15's in them. I also have a Def 1500TL powered sub. I am building a HT now, and plan on having anywhere from a 5.1 to a 7.1 setup. That being said, what amp would be a good fit for driving these with the concept I will be using them 60/40 HT/Music? I would like to be in the 200wpc range, but do I really need that since the amp really won't be driving any bass? I would like to keep the amp budget under $2K.

Also...FYI I am looking at PRE/PRO's and am considering the Sunfire IV and the Anthem AVM20. I would like to be in the <$2.5K range there as well....but want a VERY good Pre/Pro for HT. Would these be a good fit for my Def's? Any other recommendations or do you like one of the ones I've identified? Thanks in advance!

Here's one to consider and you will have channels to spare . 7 channels x 200 into 8 ohms and 300 wpc into 4 ohms for $1799.00. At 90 lbs you may need a sturdy amp stand if not putting it on the floor.There's a thirty day money back guarantee ..I don't think you could lose.
Model 770

Good Luck!

I set my parents up with BK multichannel amp and HT pre-amp with BP2000's and I think it sounds pretty good, man. I think that they are very smooth.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Yeah B&K wouldn't hurt you any with the Def's. Still, dolar per dolar, the 2000's do great with Parasound gear! Forgiving, fullbodied, dynamic (yes, 200w would help your dynamics for midrange and treble), warm(which mates well with the Def's, which I've sold for years, as well as Parasound, and others), slightly forgiving on top(the Def's can be a tad bright/shrill on top sometimes, and the Parasound mates well here also).
Other options for cheep are considering Outlaw Separates for a song!.
More expensive to consider are Anthem, then Sunfire and Classe.
For the more essoteric, tubes actually sound great on the Def's!!!...no kidding!
I actually like the Parasound a lot, and considering I go with that amp, what PRE/PRO would compliment this setup? I really like the Sunfire IV, but have heard good things about the AVM20. I would probably top out at $2500ish for a Pre/Pro. Thanks again.
Well if you would spend that kind of money on a pre/pro, you'd have alot of options!
Do you mind mix-and-matching? If so, yes, you could do something like an AVM20/Parasound HCA2200 combo. Or, you could stay with the Parasound 2500u preamp and keep it in the family. However, I wuold probably keep it all Anthem for the cosmetics and chemistry of it!
Alot of options indeed, as you can consider at your budget, Class amp and pre/pro, Sunfire combo, Aragon combo, all the way down to Outlaw, and still have good sonics! YEah, if it were me, I'd try the AVM20(partially because I'm interested in what it might sound like), and maybe try the amp. You can always compare with others, and sell what you don't want. Good luck