Which amp. Bryston 4-Bst orParasound A-21

Which would be the better amp to go with. I have vandersteen 3a-signatures, and a Aesthetix Calypso preamp. I also have the opus 21 up front with the GNS ref. Mod. Trying to decide which would be the best choice. Need to stay in a buget of $1900 max. Any help would be appreciated.

I also own Vandy 3A Sig's, and have been driving them for about 5 years with a Bryston 4B-ST. The combination has proven very satisfying, and revealing enough that changes in IC's, etc., are quite discernable. I "test drove" a couple of Parasound amps before buying the 4B-ST, and found the Bryston more pleasant to my ear. I've had no regrets about the 4B-ST.
Second the Bryston.Having said that,try and save a few more dollars for an SST.It's that much better.
Bryston. Sounds better and with the twenty year warranty makes it a no brainer for reliability and resale.
We sell both and BOTH are outstanding amplifiers! The A21 will actually outperform the Bryston on speakers that are very hard to drive. If you want high current, then go with the A21.

You mentioned the "4-Bst", go with the newest version the SST. In comparison between the A21 and 4B-SST, the Bryston is the better sounding amplifier for music based critical listening. In addition, the Bryston warranty is second to none in the industry.....But, it no longer transfers to a second owner without receipt and registration. And, they strictly enforce the rule!!!
Thanks for the responces.

Will the Bryston and the Calypso go well togather even if the Bryston impedance is 20k. My JC-1's had a imput impedance of 100K. No problems, but they are sold.

I need to know this before I purchase. Can anyone tell me if they used this combination.

Thank You

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