Which 7 channel amp for growing system?

I am looking to move to a single 7 channel amp from my current HK PA5800 5 channel. I would like to keep the price in the "affordable" (spouse definition) range. Here are the system specs:

The pre is a B&K Ref 21 - this is a Ref 20 that B&K folks updated to Ref 50 processing and added the 6th and 7th channel speaker outs. The speakers are Dynaudio 122 center, Dyn 42 L/R main, SpeakerCraft MT6-2 in-walls for the two surrounds and the two rears. The sub will probably be a DefTech Super Cube I. The room is 17' x 15' (carpeted floor) with a 10' ceiling. The left side of the room is actually open to a kitchen and nook area.

Some of the current possibilities:

Anthem PVA7
B&K AV125.7
Adcom GFA-7607
ATI 1807
Outlaw 7100 or 770
I also hear that NAD has a new 7 channel amp
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Do not forget the Integra Research (Balanced Audio Designes aka - BAT, DESIGNED this AMP!

It is VERY good!

7 channels, excellent in 2 channel, wonderful for HT!

I have responded to various threads over the past year or so regarding the decision to acquire a 7.1 channel systems. Obviously, every audio and HT buff has the right to assemble the system that pleases them, and I do not mean in any way to disparage your intent. However, you might find a discussion from Bryston's newsletter about 6.1 and 7.1 channel systems informative. Go to the following links for some useful commentary about 6.1 and 7.1 channel HT:

1. http://www.bryston.ca/newsletters/55_files/vol5is5.html
(article titled "Encode vs. Decode Dilemma")

2. http://www.bryston.ca/newsletters/64_files/vol6is4.html
(main article: "The Great Capitulation")
Sherbourn 7/2100 has to be on your short list!
Well I've worked in 1 av store and 5 high end av stores over the last 10 years. And I still have yet to find a better value in both sonics and "cash outlay" than the Outlaw 100 watt x 7 amp! It's a killer deal all around.
While I have yet to see ATI's amp you're refering to, I can say that those ATI's are pretty clean, clear, and extended from my past experkiences. STill, for like $700 new, you can't go wrong as a first 7 channel amp with the outlaw!..it's no loose situation there, indeed.
I second Dans recomendation of the Integra Research RDA-7!

Awsome amp for the $$ can be found used for under $2K.
EAD makes very good preamp. I have matched it with the SimAudio titan 7 channel. My goal was music as well as HT. You won't be disappointed if you further upgrade (e.g. speakers) in the future. When I was recently evaluating amps, I found the ones that you listed as possible choices lacking when compared to the simaudio. The titan is a large solid state amp: 13" high x 19" wide by 27" depth. It has XLR input for each channel. I recently saw a used one on Audiogon at a very good price.
I'd get a Theta Digital Dreadnaught II, which you can configure as you like. Three 225w modules and two 100w x2 modules would seem like and ideal setup.