Where to buy 12v trigger cable?

I went into my local "high end" dealer to buy a simple 12 volt trigger cable to connect between my Lexicon processor and EAD amp. They told me they use them in custom installations, but didn't sell them retail. They referred me to Radio Shack, who had heard of triggerfish, but not trigger cable (true story).

Can any one give me the technical nomenclature of this cable so I may correctly describe it to the people at Rat Shack or another outlet? I have a similar cable that I used to use with a Sony pre/pre, but that one has a wall wart attachment. I'd rather just use a simple cable without the AC plug.

Just tell them that you need a cable like are used on headphones just with two male ends.
Thanks impala. I appreciate your help. I wasn't sure if an audio cable would work, or if I needed something to handle electricity. I guess 12 volts isn't much current.