Where can I get speaker OUTRIGGERS?

Anyone... Where can I buy well made speaker outriggers in different sizes, especially ones with good carpet spikes and leveling adjustment? I live in Seattle but expect to have to mail order them. Thanks for the help.
It's in the archives. Been asked a couple of times lately. I think the url is:


Note! It is Sound-o-city, not sound-city.......

They are very nicely made.


I have a pair of the outriggers mentioned above and they are very nice. I bought them after a DIY pair. Check my system for pics of each installed. Operationally they are pretty much the same but the Soundcity products sure look better.
You probably don't want anything this expensive, but I have heard these are revolutionary. I will soon be getting a pair. http://www.townshendaudio.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=67&Itemid=139