Where can I find replacement Velodyne HGS Sub amp

I have had 2 HGS Subs. The HGS 10 and 15. Both amps went in less that 3 years with minimal use and low volumes. Has anyone found a good replacement amp or had luck with repairs? Is there better series of amps?
Velodyne will repair or replace your amp. Just send in the amp section. Price is reasonable and service is excellent.
I have the HGS 18 and have had amp failures. Simply unscrew the ten or so screws and remove the connecting wiring, put it in a box with some popcorn styrofoam and send it to Velodyne. As I remember the cost was 250.00 for a new replacement. I leave mine on 24/7 instead of the signal sensing on/off feature. They are about 6 years old now. Turn around is fast and Velodyne won't give you the run around. Good company.
did you find a HGS Amp? There are alot of guys lookin for them. The HGS amp is CRAP I was talking to a Velodyne Rep and He as had his HGS amp quit alos. that is why you see so many on ebay that are dead. Velodyne can replace the amp but it is best to dump the Idea and ebay it off and up grade to the DD series as i did and you will be happy
Velodyne was great to deal with. I drove my HGS 12 down to them and they fixed it for me while I went to lunch. It cost about $170 to replace the internals....
I had an HGS 10 for about 6 years, amp went out three times. didn't fix it the last time.
Do you remember the phrase,"planned obsolesence?"(Sp?) Velodyne must've learned from the general motors school of engineering - My amp went out after 4 years-The only amp Ive had a problem with in my 30 years in this hobby.