Where can I buy Tara labs hook up wire?

I'm planing to rewire my pre and power amp, does anyone knows where to buy Tara labs generation 2 internal hook up wire online?
There is an ad currently offering Tara Master Generation I on Audiogon. I have owned Tara Master Generation II and have heard Master Generation I. I thought the Master Generation I was a much smoother, less bright sounding interconnect than Master Generation II.
In case you don't know, I thought I would mention that the inside of components is a very different environment than outside. In my experience, some cables that sound good as interconnects have proved to sound horrid as internal hook-up cable. I would tend to use only a cable that is designed for internal wiring - presumably Tara can (or maybe has) tell you whether they make one. Cardas make very good hook-up cables, but they are Litz and you need a very hot/good soldering iron and technique. I find the unshielded ones (there is a line level one and a speaker level one) sound better most of the time.