When was the first time that you heard great sounding speakers?

For me it was 1977 at Purchase Radio in Buffalo NY. My brother and I were putting together a system that we would share at our parents house. The song was Aja by Steely Dan on a pair of Altec 19's that blew my mind at the time, I'll never forget it. They were a little out of our price range at the time. The system ended up being a Sherwood receiver, KLH speakers, a Technics SL-1950 and a cassette deck that I can't remember the make. Great memory! 
DCM Time Windows and I have no idea what year. Too long ago. I have to give a nod to @twoleftears for mentioning the Stereo Shoppe in Ann Arbor. Used to go there once in a while. Brings back memories of the hash bash and Shakey Jake on the Diag!
1980, Went to the Speaker Shop in Buffalo N.Y. to audition the Kef 103.2s and went I entered there were the 105.2s playing, UGH! I had limited space which I knew but them 105.2s were Great. Got the 103.2s.Years later a new house and  got the 105.2s. Still have both.
First speakers that really grabbed me were a pair of Vandersteen Quattro's hooked up to an all BAT system at Audio Connection over 10 years ago. 
MBL was something pretty special for me about 7 years ago...
I can't remember the name of the shop in Pittsburgh but it was back in the early 80s, KEF 104/2s w/KUBE. I couldn't believe how good they sounded. As a kid I couldn't afford them but over the years I've always wanted a pair. I finally picked up a minty/reconditioned pair about two years ago, 35ish years from when I first heard them. I know there's better out there but for the $400ish I paid for these, they sure put a big smile on my face. I wish KEF would remake them in some sort of anniversary edition.