Whats playing on your system today?

Today I decided to listen to two of my favorite rock guitar heros and one great vocalist. Guitarist' Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison.

I listened to Trower songs:
Bridge of sighs, Stitch in time, The fool and me, my personal favorite- Too rolling stoned and others.....

Then I pulled out "Gamma". 
I listened to: Razor King, Wish I was and Skin and bone and others.....

Davey Pattison hooked has also up with Michael Shenker also. I really enjoyed my day so far. Anybody else heard anything good?




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My Morning Jacket / It Still Moves
My Morning Jacket / Acoustic (Live)
My Morning Jacket / Chocolate and Ice
My Morning Jacket / Evil Urges
My Morning Jacket / Z
David Bowie / Scary Monsters

I don't typically listen to that much of the same band at one time (I actually only listened to one side of each :-), but they sounded so good tonight. Then David Bowie reminded me why I got into high end audio in the first place. I bought that album shortly after it came out and it still sounds wonderful, especially at high levels. 
Mark Lanegan / Black Pudding
Do Make Say Think / Other Truths
Do Make Say Think
Flaming Lips / Christmas on Mars
Bonnie Prince Billy - Best Troubador
Talking Heads / Fear of music
Eels / Electro-Shock Blues
Yes Slaw, I'm a fan of the Eels. Funny thing is I just started listening to them a few months ago. Listening to "End Times" from them right now. Really a great band
James / Eno - Wah Wah
Just picked this one up. What a great recording!
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy / Glorious & Idiotic

Tom Waits / Bastards 
Great album that is pretty well recorded. He was very talented. I bought that album back in the day and have been enjoying it since.
Eels / Daisies of the galaxy 
Phish / Billy Breathes    
James / Eno : Wah Wah
The Magnetic Fields / 69 Love Songs
If you like indie alternative "rock", this one is a must. One of the best cd's I've ever purchased. 
Van Der Graaf Generator / H to He Who Am The Only One
Jerry Garcia Band live (from 1990)
Red Elephant / More Songs From Spaghetti Westerns 
The Race / If you can
Quicksilver Messenger Service / Happy Trails
Flora Reed / Settle Down
Walter Becker / 11 tracks of whack
David Sylvian and Hodger Czukay / Plight and Premonition

The Dandy Warhols / 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia
Great Lakes Swimmer / Ongiara
A Tribute To Uncle Tupelo
Joshua Davis / A Miracle Of Birds
Les Claypool / Purple Onion 
Tanakh / Ardent Fevers

Tom Waits / Bone Machine
James & Eno / Wah Wah
Grateful Dead / Cornell 5/8/77
Mickey Hart / Planet Drum
The Deep Dark Woods / Winter Hours
Dead Can Dance / Aion
The Album Leaf / A chorus of storytellers

Akron Family / Love is simple
Forest For The Trees

Eels / Live at Royal Hall
Lou Reed / Magic & Loss
Beirut / The Rip Tide
French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson / Live, Love, Larf & Loaf
Eno & Cale / Wrong way up
Nathaniel Street West / American Way
Lyle Lovett / Joshua Judges Ruth