What Toslink is better than Radio Shack?

In all different price ranges. Anyone ever compare and find a significant improvement?
About two years ago, one of the major audio mags had a review on Toslink cables -- sorry, but I can't remember which mag. Based on their subjective test results, they said that the Monster Cable Toslink cable was one of the best at any price, and a clear winner in its price range. I suggest you search the Audiogon archives to look for extended threads regarding Toslink cables.
I tried a toslink from best buy, can't remember the name. audio something for about $45. Then a transparent for $65. The transparent clearly was better than radioshack or the best buy one...
More detail, better bass etc. ? Stronger signal etc.
Appreciate the feedback.
Actually you hit it...just more. Not really anything in any one area...you're just closer to the music or video...
So, a cable can make light sound better? Me thinks the cable debate has reached a new plateau!