What to upgrade/do next?

Hi everyone,

I posted a while back and this forum was incredibly helpful! Not sure if I am in the right category, but I thought I'd start here. I am wondering what to do/upgrade next with my setup.

Here is what I am currently doing.

I have a Music Hall USB-1 turntable
That is going into a NAD326BEE
I then have paradigm Monitor series 11 v.5 speakers

Not really looking to upgrade the NAD or the speakers at this point, since I just purchased those not too long ago. The turntable is a starter, so I could upgrade that if it is what everyone thinks I should do, but I am wondering what else I can add into this setup to make it better.

Given the NAD not having a phono input, I am also not running phono. Should I start upgrading there? Although, I think the turntable has a built in phono preamp. I'm sure I could do better.

Anyway, just not sure where to go next in this new found hobby.


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It looks like the Music Hall has a built-in MM Phono preamp, and as you say it's a starter table. The question is if you were to upgrade the TT, are you prepared to also buy a phono preamp which is required to boost the signal of the cartridge? This would be a major upgrade in sound, but you need to tell us your budget as this may not come cheap.

Goheelz has a good suggestion in adding a subwoofer. It would add some bottom end to the sound as well as increasing performance of your monitors by making them more efficient. I've found that adding a sub makes for a much more dynamic listening experience.
Yes, you would get better sound with a dedicated phono preamp rather than the Music Hall built-in pre. But to make a significant upgrade in sonics, I would suggest a better TT, cart and Phono Stage. It would cost under $1000 and the improvement could be huge. There are some package deals online.

I'm sure that you can get some suggestions from others more informed or maybe look thru the archives or needledoctor dot com.