what to do ?

I am finally getting around to an upgrade for my turntable or should I say replacement.

You can check my system for reference, so that you might be able to instruct me better, I have a clearaudio basic for the phono preamp.

I have settled on the rega p25 table its the only one that got wife's approval. So my question is really cartridge related. I could go all rega with a super elys but I think a benz micro glider would be better. Its the mm vs mc. I am not really sure which is better so I leave it up to analog audiogoners for advice.

thanks for any and all advice.
The Origin live silver arm with Tom's hi fi mod and a shelter 501 cartridge is state of the art, at it's price point. You will have to spend thousands of $$$$$$ to beat it's stellar performance. I wonder how much better it could possibly be? That's why I recommend them.

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Your table is at the level that accepts mc well. The Benz is very nice. Just make sure you have a phono stage for its output.
I have the Benz Glider on a Rega RB 900 arm and have been very happy with it. The Rega does have TWL's hifi mod which I think will make a bigger difference than what you will experience between the Rega and Benz cartridge. It looks like a 'nothing' tweak, but the difference is staggering!
Buy the Benz and get the hifi mod!!!
I had a P-25 with a Grado Platinum.
I feel it was a great match.
I messed around with spacers for VTA and found the best VTA was with no spacers.
I never had a problem with the infamous Grado "hum" but others will tell you differently..Tom? :~)