What surround speakers should I get?

I am making the move from two channel listening. Bought a Marantz sr7001 AV surround reciever. I want to be able to listen to CDs (30%) and watch my big screen in surround (70%). Willing to spend up to $2000 and want to make sure that I buy speakers that are worth the investment. My entertainment room is 26'*20'. I like to listen to the blues loud and watch movies with great sound all around. I've been researching for monthes and am looking for some final knowledgable suggestions.
Surround speakers should match the tonal balance of the fronts. Not necessary to spend $2k unless you have some outrageous mains. Spend more on the center and save on the surrounds.

Not rocket science.
The Paradigm Monitor series and the Rega R series are the places I would start with my auditions. I personally prefer the Rega's, but both are very good for the money.
Get a matched set from the same manufacturer. You should expect the center, L and R surround channels combined to cost roughly what your R and L mains cost you. The sub will be extra.

If your surround and center speakers don't keep up with the quality of your mains then you are guarenteed to be dissappointed and end up constantly fiddling with volume levels....each movie needing different adjustments and a constant struggle with speech recognition.
All speakers should be the same, even the center channel if possible. If you must go smaller then stay with the same manufacture and spend less on the rears. Three identical fronts will pay dividends. Stay away from sideways center speakers if possible.