What speakers match well with Atma Sphere?

I'm considering the switch to Atma Sphere M60's tube mono blocks. As much as I love my Pass Lab X600's, as a renter who has had to move three times in two years, they are a pain to move. However, my current speakers are Dynaudio Contour 3.3 (4 ohms) which require a lot of power. My understanding of the Atma Sphere M60's are they perform well with 8 to 16 ohms speakers. So what would be an excellent speaker in the $3000 -$4000 (used) range?

I agree with the above Coincident recommendations. The Super Eclipse II or III (latest version - 92db sensitivity) gets my vote.

Good luck with your search!
I third the recommendation for Merlins. I VSMs with an S-30 for a while with stunning air and extension. I switched to Joule Stargates for a bit mor midrange and bottom end. If I was in the market now, I would seriously consider the M-60 with my VSMs.
One more vote for the Coincident Eclipse.
Although the Victory line is in my opinion superior, I feel that the Atma-Sphere amps mate better with the Eclipse.
Thanks for all your suggestions. It seems like the two speakers are evenly split. I'm impressed with the reviews for the Merlins VSM, but I really should hear both speakers. I had classes this weekend, otherwise THE Show and CES would have provided me with the opportunities. I did email Atma-Sphere, but they must be exhibiting in Vegas, as I haven't received a response. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Happy 2006 to everyone!