What's the music at the start of Sean Hanitys show

While cruising the dial I heard the beginning of the Sean Hannity (I'm not sure about the spelling) show. There is a "country" song first, the second piece is a classical choral piece, followed by some drivel by Bruce Hornsby. The question I have is does someone know what that incredible classical/choral piece is, and where can I get it???
"Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff.
It is real easy to get. Any place that sells any classical, even the mass market places in the malls, usually have a copy by some orchestra.

Popular recordings include...

Montreal Symphony, Charles Dutoit conducting.
London CD 455 290-2

German Opera Orchestra, Eugen Jochum conducting;
Deutche Grammophon CD 423 866-2

Berlin Philharmonic, Seiji Ozawa conducting;
Philips CD 422 363-2

The Jochum is an older classic recording and a great performance. If you want better newer sonics, the Ozawa is very well recorded. The Dutoit is the newest recording. The Ozawa has lots of energy; very much like what you heard on the radio.
Yes, It blew my mind the first time I heard it. I have six version's now and listen to the whole thing atleast twice a week. A REAL pleasure to relax in front of your system with.
Sugarbrie, Thank you for the quick response. I try to tune in for the beginning of the show just to get a few seconds of the music. I love it but up till now no one has been able to tell me what I was hearing. I'll be getting it tomorrow, at least one copy.
I bought this on Saturday and have listened to it several times already. This really rocks! Thanks for the help.