What's the best CD transport used under a grand

Just got my new DAC that sounds fantastic fed from my CDP but, obviously I could do better...Your thoughts please!
Here's an interesting thread I started on AA. Addresses this issue. FWIW, I just bought a Teac Esoteric P500 used on Ebay for less than $300. I may consider doing mods via Great Northern Sound.

I would get a Parasound CDP-2000 Ultra which already includes an extraordinary DAC or you can by-pass its DAC. Its Belt driven, and top loader with the little hockey puck. Its based on the highly regarded transport by CEC.

The CBD-2000 which is transport only...

I have seen them for 600 bucks as an average. PLus, they have great isolation feet and well dampened chasis.
Thanks for the input. It looks like I'm headed toward getting a DVP-S7700 as a transport. Used with mods will be just shy of a grand and should sound about as good as some multi kilobuck transports...we'll see, thanks