What's a great univ/prog. remote for high end ?

What's a great universal-programable remote for high end equipment. I have Bat, DCS, Muse, Sony gear. Thanks!

I'm sick of my 6 remotes!
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Mx-500 from Home theater master. Check out the reviews at remotecentral.com
For $100 the Sony 2100 is hard to beat. I own it and like it a lot. BUT, when it breaks (every Sony product I've ever owned has), I will buy a Pronto type remote that has downloadable buttons and whatnot.
I've been using the Marantz RC 5000i touch screen for about six months now. Basically it's the same as a pronto. I like the fact that it runs my whole system, TV and is pretty easy to set up. They run about $500.00 new, but can be had for half off at A-gon from time to time. That's a steal IMO.
I've been using another Home Theater Master model - SL9000 for three years. Easy to program, most of the buttons have the right labeling on them already and there are programable buttons for special needs. It's about the same size as my Direct TV remote, and it has two versions for each of 8 device types. I've controlled Toshiba, Krell, NAD, Linn, Samsung, Kenwood, Phillips, RCA and AMC equipment, and the cost was under $140. I loved that they post their manuals on the internet so when I misplaced mine I was able to get the info I needed when I added equipment.
I have a Phillips Pronto and I don't even know where the other six remotes are!