What Preamps gets best results with Sims amps?

I have custom made speakers that are considered to be Proac type sound mainly because of the Scan speak drivers used. My preamp is a B&K ref 30 which does a good job for Home Theater and not as good on 2 channel sound. I am recieving the new Titan, 5 channel version of the W-5, and would like to add a 2 channel preamp that if befitting my new amp. Is their a HT preamp out there that will also do very good on 2 channel sound? I was told to add a seperate preamp and it would be better than even the very good HT preamps on the market. What do you guys think out there?
Happy new year, Tennispro. Check out the review of the sim moon attraction at www.uhfmag.com/ Uhf uses the copland preamp in both their reference systems...Their amplification is sim moon5 and a YBA amp....when they tried the moon attraction they were surprised to find it bettered the copland...a preamp I wish I owned.....if you hear the attraction on your amp it would be worth a listen...I use an old krell pam3 on my sim4070se. I've also used a N.E.W. P3 preamp and a SL1...both very musical. The attraction acts as a preamp, an electronic crossover, a video processor, a digital-to-analogue converter...quite the beast...good listening, Bluenose
That's an easy one. Try the Simaudio P5 which has hometheater pass thru to be used with your current Ref30. It is an excellent piece of equipment if in your price range
I concur with the above, having owned the Attraction for ~ a year and a half, using Theta Dreadnaught for amp, all Golden Cross wiring, and 5 Totem Mani-2 speakers. This comprises my HT system (I used to have another preamp- ARC LS-16, in the HT system for 2-ch music, but finally broke out into a second dedicated 2-ch all-tube system).

For your situation, you will be quite happy with the Sim Attraction as a pre/pro- best I have heard- although I must add one thing. Make sure and get the new/upgraded model. The new one adds TRUE analog pass-through (multi-channel OR 2-channel). My model DOES run any signal through the D/A process, even on the analog inputs. Of course, the sound is so good anyways (due to Sim's excellent analog stage) you won't care, however, if you are a purist, make sure and get the new model- or a current one upgraded- no difference. Once you do, you will be able to use the Attraction as you reference quality preamp AND processor, and run your digital or analog source through for reference-quality preamplification.