What phono stages for Musical Fidelity 308 int.

I have a Muscial Fidelity A308 integrated and am presently using the mm setting of the internal phono. My table is a P25 with an Benz Ace high output cartridge. I listen to all types of music from alternative to classical with a lot of jazz in between. I appreciate the width of my systems sound stage, but want more depth. Is anyone using an outboard phono pre with the MuFi308? If so what improvments do you find over the internal stage?
I can't make a stronger recommendation than the Dynavector P-75 phono stage. I think it may be my favorite piece of audio equipment. It runs $600 new, around $400 to $450 used, and is breathtakingly good for the money. It is very versatile with regard to gain and type of cartridge, though you do have to deal with jumpers.