What Music? new Usher demo CD RMAF freebie

My Japanese is a bit rusty, and the CD label is all in hira-, kata-gana and kanji.

Does anyone recognize the music on selection 15 of the Usher demo CD that was given free at RMAF? (the one in a black cardboard envelope) The music is a large scale, very dramatic and weighty choral piece: soaring voices with string accompaniment and profound bass drum percussion, a stellar showcase piece.

Could it possibly be from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana? or is it something else.

I'm left humming it everywhere I go. Someone respond, please, before the guys with the white coats come after me.


Hmm. I received an Usher CD at the Stereophile show in New York a few years ago. The one I got has a track from Carmina Burana, but there is a variety of tracks of different music. It is a 24-bit master and the best sounding red book CD I have heard.
I tried to track down its origin and discovered it was produced for the Taiwan Audio Society for use as a demo disc, which is why there are all types of music representing a multitude of sounds.
I asked a friend who knows Chinese to translate, but he said the Chinese characters do not represent artists or songs.
I wanted to find out where I could buy more discs produced like this, but no luck.