What knot for string to drive platter?

I will finally (on a-goners recommendation here) be moving toward string to power my tt's platter. Thanks all, you know who you are. What kind of knot do I use?
And I see from previous threads silk, cotton and carpet are recommended. Right?
Thanks in advance.
I read that a square knot is what you want
I do not know the name of the knot but, in my Acoustic Signature manual it says: "Take both ends of the string parallel and make an eye. Move both ends through the eye and then tighten it." This keeps the knot on the outside of the platter.

I have a pic but that does you no good here.

Somewhere I read (I think it was a recommendation from VPI) about using 30# braided uncoated fishing line. I am going to try it soon.
As an old Navy guy, I'd tie a square knot.

It will never slip or loosen.
A fly fisherman's blood knot works better than a square knot. A blood knot won't slip and it makes a long, smooth join, so there's less "bump" when it goes 'round the motor pulley.

Search the info on the Teres site. There's a "how to tie" buried there somewhere.


I did some research tonight and have come to the conclusion that fishing line is not the way to go. I am planning to use nylon thread (Coats brand/Upholstery from Walmart).