what isgood amp for maggies 1.6 ,,with a tube pre

hi,,currently own demo maggies 1.6 ,,waiting for black cloth to arrive from magnepan,,right now white,,anyways i heard and saw my intergrated audioinnovations 500 tube amp,,at 25 watts per,,cannot possible drive these,,where i bought them mentioned the quad 909 sounds really good with this amp..can't seem to find one used,,i was thinking of trying a used 4b from bryston for power,,wondering if it would mesh well with the tube pre or should i try quad,,,by the way this store doesn't loan,,,,,and my nad reciever doesn't cut it also..thanks vince
McCormack DNA. I recommended this to a buy, and at 185W into 8 it drove the maggies well. Preamp was a Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid tube preamp. He didn't need or want a subwooferwith that setup.

Used about $600-900 on the 'Gon.

The other standard recommendations are the Bryston 4bst or sst or the Odyssey Xtreme monos (for even more money). It all depends on what you need and what you expect from your stereo. But all of the above amps are good choices.
I use a luxman R-117 receiver and use the CD bypass to run my redbook CD player via a McCormack DAC-1 Deluxe to the receiver's amp section. If you use CDs as your primary music source, you should try this combination. It is inexpensive (receiver and DAC cost me $285 each on Ebay!!) and will make the maggies sing. The receiver is 160 watts/ channel into 8 ohms and is high current and rated into 2 ohms and has .03% THD and isn't harsh. The Nakamichi SR-3A receiver ($100 on Ebay!!) is slightly sweeter and if you listen to jazz and chamber music, at 80 watts/channel into 8 ohms, it will handle the maggie's 6 ohm load with ease. It will however run out of gas with some loud orchestral pieces while the luxman won't. These two receivers and the DAC are best bang for the buck I've found in some time............