What is the right cable for B & W 802's?

I have a 35' speaker run to my front left, center(HTM1)and right channels. The reason for the long run is my equiptment is best laid out in the rear of my home theater. Trying not to spend a fortune for cable, thought Tributaries SP4 biwire might work. Any suggestions?

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I have B&W 802s in a two-channel setup and I placed the mono amps (Bryston 7 BSSTs) right next to the speakers and use a short amp-to-speaker wire. My long run (8 meters using Pure Note Epsilon V.4 XLRs) is from pre-amp-to-amp.

In reading through threads here (I recommend you look through them as well) it seems that a long speaker run is less desirable than the other.

I think you can get a good IC-run cheaper than a good speaker-run. A well-made, noise-shielded cable (XLR or RCA) can be had at any price range nowdays.

Best wishes on your project.