What is the best 6.1 A/V PreAmp for 1500 list?

I am currently using a Yamaha RSV2200. The CD/DVD player that I have is a Sony DVP ES 9000. I am using 3 Rotel RMB 1080's (200x2) as my power. I have a pair of 604's as my mains. A pair of 602's as surrounds. And a LCR 600 all are Series 3. I don't have a rear center but will in the near future.

I am looking for a new PreAmp because I want to go seperates and I don't like the ports on the back of the Yamaha. The are very limiting.
Of course I want all of the usual stuff DD, DPLII, DTS.
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Before you invest in a 6 channel processor or another speaker, try to borrow a receiver or processor (like ANY of the Lexicons from CP-3, DC-1, DC-2+) and give 7.1 a true listen. If you are not satisfied with 6.1, the Logic7 or 7.1 BLOWS 6.1 out of the water. Going from 5.1 to 7.1 is like from ProLogic to DD.

The rotel 1066 is a really nice piece that retails for $1499. It supports 7.1.
My vote would have to go to the Rotel 1066. It would be
a sure match for your amps,and it's upgradable. Plus, I have one and love it!

Got my vote on the Rotel also match with your amp I have one and it is very nice will do all of your needs plus it is easy to upgrade just download the software from their website and off you go. Also it is a very good match with B&W speaker.