What hybrid power amp?

Dear Audiogoners,
I'm wondering if you can help me find a tube/ss hybrid power amp. I'd like to have 100 Watts+ power, be able to use single ended AND balanced inputs (with auto or manual switching between the two), and priced max $2500 new or used. I've found Unison Unico DM, but have neither heard it nor even seen a review of it. Has anyone heard this amp? Do you have any other suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Associated equipment:
Wadia 830 cd player
Reference 3A DeCapo i speakers
Wireworld Polaris 5 cables
Hmm, if you are willing to spend more money I would consider Blue Circle products. I think a better option still might be to get a decent tube pre-amp and a solid state power amp; you will be changing tubes less frequently and would have a myriad of options....
Another option is a modified Counterpoint SA-100/NP-100. See this link for info.


Music Reference RM200
Thanks Pard for your recommendations. I've checked out Blue Circle BC24 & 28. I don't think the 24 comes with Balanced inputs, and the 28 looks great but is hard to find used. A pube pre matched with ss power amp is a great idea, but my intention is to connect my Wadia directly to the power amp's balanced in, and connect the front l&r from my preamp procesor to the power amp's single ended in. I think this will be a grat way to integrate quality 2 channel with a home theater system. I tried it this way with a Cary Rocket 88 tube amp, but the strange thing about that was that there's no real separation between it's balanced and single ended inputs...
I second the Counterpoints, especially the NPMs.
Kesh, the BC204 does come balanced - but it is pretty darn expensive. BC stuff is hard to find used too.