What happened to the "Classic CD" mag?

I couldn't locate it on Future net web-page? Is it still publishing?
Hi there,

NO, they went bellyup! :-(((( I couldn't believe it! The issue before the final was full of future plans and stuff. Then a small line. I imidiately tried to contact the editor. Guess what: the day after - his e-mail wasn't working anymore. So they must have been "bombed out". I later contacted the folks at future and they explained to me that there wasn't a chance to continue due to less and less subscriptions. I thought CLASSIC CD was one of the best magazines for us - the classic musician and -lover. Now I subscribed to Grammophone which is very similar to CLASSIC CD - comes with a demo CD as well. And BBC MUSIC is another alternative.

keep up the good music!!
Tillman is right, the 'Classic CD' was the best source for classic cd collectors and music lovers. I am holding the September issue of '98, where they for first time started reviewing the World Music. Still using it as a guide.