What happened to iTunes?

Itunes used to be so easy to navigate with columns for Title (song), Artist and Album with one of them in alphabetical order. Let’s say the songs were in order and I was playing a random song, and then decided to listen to the whole album, I’d just click on Album...I would never lose the current song that was playing, which was highlighted somewhere on the screen, and the rest of the album showed up. If then I wanted to see everything by the artist, I just click on artist (again the current song can still be seen highlighted) and all the songs/albums by the artist are shown. It was so easy and intuitive, however some months back this changed and now it’s so wacky, I can’t make any sense of it. Any suggestions or experience with this?


It's now called Music and it stinks.  I picked up a Bluesound Node and only use Music/iTunes to rip my music and to load my kids iPods.

I loved iTunes back in it's earlier days. Do you remember the Jukebox view? Love scrolling through the carousel. I also loved the "free song of the week". Downloaded a ton of good stuff back then. I don't even use Apple Music anymore. I created a list of all of my purchases from iTunes on a Spotify playlist.