What does it sound like to over drive my maggies?

I am running my Cary CD player(with variable volume control)directly through my Classe Fifteen amp(Rated at 350 watts @ 4 Ohms) to my Magnapan model 2.5 R. As I push them with a heavy bass punch they seem to overload. I'm not sure if they are delaminating from the mylar or if they are simply pushed too much. Thanks for your comments in advance!
The sound of wires delaminating from the Mylar usually can be heard with deep bass notes.If you place your ear close to the panel you should be able to isolate the location. I have in fact felt the area in which the buzzing came from and with a lite touch of the finger was able to stop the sound from continuing.(never touch the ribbon though) This is how I was able to troubleshoot my issue and corrected it. This was on a 14 year old panel and the fix was simple as I mention in a previous post.

I have heard of a flapping sound that people have mentioned in other forums(audioasylum). I have never heard this myself on any of my Magnepan speakers. Your amp may be clipping causing this distortion. How long has this been occuring? Is the amp newly added?

Again post on the audioasylum as I mentioned. There are threads on this subject that you can review.

Good luck
The Maggies can be overdriven in the bass, which it sounds like you are doing, but as long as you don't persist into the realm of abuse, you shouldn't be damaging them with some ocassional overexuberance. These are great speakers, but not exactly head-banging bass monsters. Your amp sounds like it should be sufficiently powerful for these relatively insensitive speakers, so I think you are probably not clipping the amp, something which would be more of a threat to the speakers' continued good health. If you were having delamination problems, you would likely be hearing it at lower volumes as well.