What do I purchase an Analog or a Digital tuner

I wish to purchase a tuner, since I understand that the future broadcasting will be digital I am looking for digital tuners like Humax...but I found that one of the best tuners in the market is Magnum and it is operating in analog. Some one may help to clarify this apparent contradiction?

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You should go to fmtunerinfo.com and read. There are many vintage tuners that will outperform many modern tuners at multiples of their price. Also modding a vintage tuner for a total of several hundred will get you sound quality equal to the best tuners made in the thousands range. This sounds like bs but it's true. There's a site on Yahoo: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FMtuners/
These guys know everything you could possibly want to know about tuners! I highly recommend a modded vintage tuner. cheers