What amp pairs with Anthem TLP1 Pre-Amp?

I bought this Anthem Pre-amp/tuner which is 4-5 years old for $300.In mint condition.Did I get a good deal and what type of power amp I was wondering would pair well with it.Not too many used Anthem power amps out there that I know about.
My source is a new Marantz 4001 Dvd player and I have a pair of Energy C-3 Monitors...
I've been running a MCA2 (Anthem) with the TLP1 and have been very happy with it.
I'd recommend the Anthem PVA amp. It is cost effective and to me, honestly, sounds better than some of the higher dollar Anthem amps overall and better than a lot of other higher dollar amps period. It is very transparent but soundstaging and depth is where it really shines. Read over the reviews on the PVA's. They are also on the Anthem website. You can get them with any number of channels from 2 to 7 as needed.