What about Cary Cd Players??

How are these players.I am particularly interested in the 306.I have CJ amps and pre-amp and Thiel speakers.Any advice would be appreciated.
I just got back from Las Vegas, and the CD player that was amazing everyone (including myself!) was the Audio Aero Capitole. Redbook CD only, but this sounded so great that one would be hard pressed to tell the difference between SACD and regular CD, if you could! According to their website "Exclusive STARSĀ® 32bitFP/192kHz processing for a 24bit/192kHz inside re-sampling, subminiature tube output stage, digital input and remote volume control". It can also be used as a DAC...even for DVD-A!!! I tried to grab one, but ALL 10 units at both shows were snapped up in a heart beat! I can usually hear digital artifacts on violins and other strings...not so on the Capitole. In fact, it was so good, that the Rockport Speaker room (I believe that these speakers retail for $85,000!!!) didn't even use SACD or vinyl...this unit was that remarkable! For more info, call Jody Hickson at Globe Audio Marketing Tel. # 800-330-3804 [website is www.globeaudiomkt.com. You will be amazed by this unit!
I have the Cary 303/100(no upsampling) and I'm very happy with it.I've read good things on the just mentioned Audio Aero Capitole as well.
It's all contingent-isn't it always-on your price point.
I have owned the Cary 303/100 and 306/100. I have on order a 306/200. My pre-amp is tube and my amp solid state. The 303 is an excellent player in its price range. The 306 is musically far superior which accounts for its $2000 higher retail. The 306 has better bass and smoother mids and highs than the 303. I have not heard the 306/200. I was told by several reliable sources that the 306/200 has slightly better resolution and is more analog sounding than the 306/100. I play most styles of music and have not been disappointed by any Cary CD player purchase. In my system, the Cary offers a warm, full sound, with a lot of resolution and excellent soundstage. Hope this helps!