Wear glasses? Play cds? Own PEEPS?

I am very happy with an inexpensive purchase that I discovered next to the cash register
at a store.  The typical impulse purchase, on vacation.
Peeps is a great eyeglass cleaner: no fluid or cloth needed.  I have an older pair of transition lenses 
that are smoky (oily looking?), from being left on a sunny dashboard too many times.  Nothing has 
worked better on eliminating a hazy film that has persisted.  Until I started using Peeps.

I am especially pleased with its use on cds, too.  The tool looks like a wishbone, with pads
on the open ends.  www.carbonklean.com
By holding the cd in one hand and gently squeezing the pads onto the disc while turning it, both sides
of the cd get treated.  By looking at the label side, I can tell when the whole disc has
been covered.

The improvement in sound is pretty dramatic.  I think it just brings the music
closer: greater detail, better highs and lows.  I think it might even be too "forward,"
for some tastes.

I use UltraBit Diamond Plus cd cleaner/treatment.  Periodically I have tried
new microfiber cloths to buff the discs, looking to find the one that delivers the best sound.
I will be stopping my search, happily.  A fresh treatment of the cds with UBDP seems
to be the way to go, in combination with either of the CarbonKlean products.

I am now using their Screen Klean product, which is a single sided and larger
(1.5"x1.5") version, designed for screens and other devices.  It is an easier
product to use, as a few sweeps will treat each side of the disc.  Both Peeps and
Screen Klean come with functional cases, for storage.

I also treated the side of my Marigo mat that comes in contact with the cd,
and noticed a further improvement.  I am not sure how long the effect will last,
but don't think I will have to treat the mat with each new cd that is played in the same listening session.

So now I have an eye glass cleaner and a separate cd cleaner. I don't have to have the Peeps doing
double duty, so it might be less likely to get lost, or in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I will likely be experimenting with treating cable jackets, plugs, speaker cabinets, shelves?

Highly recommended.

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@geoffkait —  I just went off and searched through Amazon to find George’s review,  but was very disappointed. There is no bad review from anyone named George; please don’t get my hopes up!!!