Wavac MD-300b vs Sophia SET 300b

Wavac MD-300b vs Sophia SET 300b integrated.

For those who have heard both of these specific amps, what are some of your feelings about them? And which do you prefer?
Neither of these amps will sound all that hot without the right speakers. I owned the Sophia princess 845/ with the wrong speakers.
Yes, that's true of every amp. I'm now using a pair of original Roger's ls3/5a 11 ohm with double binding posts and the original Roger's AB1 subwoofer. Don't ask me how, but believe it or not I got them brand new. The guy bought them in 1998 and opened them recently. They sound fantastic!

However, the question remains. Wavac or Sophia?
The LS3/5A is very inefficient. You'd want to have a small room to run them with 8 watts.

While many amps can drive just about any speaker; SET amps should be excluded from "many"; in this case.
I'm not sure how accurate the power meter was on my Audio Research Ref. 600s, but playing them at the loudest comfortable listening level displayed 5 watts at maximum peaks. Yah, I'm going from a whole bunch of 6550s to one 300b.

But the question still remains... Wavac or Sophia. I wish someone here had a chance to hear them both really well.
Interesting. As Metralla mentioned, a small room will certainly help your cause and yes, a 300b amp will drive the 11 ohm version of ls3/5a just fine, regardless of it's low sensitivety. However, forget about a 300b based amp trying to drive them when paired with the AB1 sub[not a chance]. Regarding the wavac or sophia.... sorry, never heard them. Best of luck on your journey.
you'd be better off with a quality 300b push/pull class A amplifier