Want to Repalce my Acoustic Research ES1

What should I look at to replace this table or should I change arms cartridge?
Call Hart Huschens at audio advancements and ask about the EuroKit 'tables. I don't think you can do better at anywhere near the money; from less than $1000 to ~$3000.
If you really want to improve your analog front end, I'd do away with the AR altogether. There are mods available (Merrill), but IMHO they don't compensate enough for an over-wiggly suspension and low-tolerance bearing. Your choices are myriad and limited by your taste and budget. Eurokit, Rega, Project, Linn, VPI, Basis.....the list goes on :-). First decide on how much you want to spend and what appeals to you. Sorry, lack of info precludes specific recommendations.