Want to buy - Need help and opinions

Have a Bryston 4B-ST amp powering Chapman T-7 speakers.
Need opinions about what speaker cable to use. They need to be at least 14 ft in length. I tend to favor cables that can
provide tight bass, large soundstage, very detailed and can
sound more on the bright side. I currently use Audio Quest
type 4 ++. I am thinking of Stealth premier copper or Analysis Plus Oval 9. For less money I can get a set of Alpha Core Goertz MI 2, but is there a big difference between them and the first two cables I mentioned. Can anybody give me their experiences with these cables and their opinions of them. I am looking to buy soon and would
greatly appreciate your responses.
I would check out the Purist Audio "Elementa". It's their entry level cable but is exceptional for what it cost.
Try the Cardas Crosslink speaker cable. It is very clear in the treble, yet rich in the middle with a tight bass and it is very affordable. Check with your local Cardas dealer. They will probably let you try out a set.
Buy something that you can audition and return if you're not happy with them. As you mentioned, there is a BIG difference in some of these cables and those differences are not subtle. As such, they will be both system dependent and a matter of personal taste.

If you do check out the Goertz, make sure that you install the Zobel network that authorized dealers and the factory include for free. They are pretty much a necessity and should not be overlooked. Sean