wadia repair

I just bought a wadia 12 dac (replaced a McCormack Dac) that needs the output voltage reduced for my anthem amv 2 processor.Does it make sense to have this units moded while its in the shop(+- $500), or leave it as is and put the mod money into a newer dac in the future.I listen to home theater and stereo on the same system and do not have an unlimited budget. I have a sonic frontiers transport, 2 classe 100 amps and a pair of Klipsch Cornwall speakers which I have owned since 1976. Thanks for any help. Don
does your Wadia have variable volume settings available via internally adjustable dip switches? Otherwise would advise you to contact Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound company regarding any Wadia modifications of any kind
There have been great advances since that DAC (I owned that one also and it fried my Pioneer Elite SPD99 processor because of the 10volt output)... You anthem probably actually has better dac's than the 19bit dac in the Wadia 12.. Sell it