Wadia 861 VS Accuphase DP-77

Theese are the two players I am considering. The SACD playback on the DP77 is just a bonus that I wont probably use much, looking for the best redbook quality for my system and tastes.

Music: Pop, Rock, Techo, Electronica, little female vocals

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Thanks for your advice.

have had a lot very expensive and famous digital stuff in 20 yrs of highend hobby. Since 6 months i have a DP77, which feeds my active monitors without any pre between. DP77´s quality of CD´s and SACD´s is very very close. It fullfills my requirements to 100%. Another advantage: Here in Germany we have digital radio called DAB. The digital output of the Sony DAB tuner gives its signal into the digital input of the DP77. I never had before such a good radio sound.
regards Wolfgang