Wadia 301 cannot read disk

I posted a thread a while back about this player which I thought was skipping. I have had the transport checked by a tech who is absolutley sure that the transport is ok. On certain disks it is unable to read any data - it normally reads initial data and displays the total disk time. However, in these cases, it either reads nothing and simply won't play or it starts to play and then keeps going back about 5 or 6 seconds. It doesn't happen on every disk, but always happens on the same disks. Some of the CD's are brand new so it isn't scratched disks. I tried some really old scratched ones and it plays these just fine. I am starting to think it might be a problem with the firmware. Any ideas? A lot of the disks come from the same manufacturer. Please don't suggest going to Wadia - they have ignored my previous 2 emails. I would publicly like to thank Steve at GNS for taking the time to reply.

Many thanks
No clue. My Wadia 301 works fine and reads everything, including scratched discs very well. Did you have it checked by a Wadia tech? It does not seem like a firmware problem.

From my many conversations & communications w/ Steve @ GNSC, I understand that he is a certified Wadia service center & that he can make mods, service, replace, upgrade Wadias just like the Wadia factory can. The only thing, AFAIK, that he is not up & running to do is the SE upgrade to 861 units but that doesn't even feature w/ the 301 model.

So, why don't you send your 301 to GNSC & have it taken care of there?

Just a thought....
Well, Well! I have finally been able to get this player fixed. Service agents here in New Zealand tested and measured the transport. No problems. However, they cleaned the contacts where the ribbon cable connects the transport to the controller board. Fixed the problem immediately. Obviously some oxidation there. I could have fixed in 2 minutes myself. I almost traded the player in on a GNS modded 861. Would have set me back another 6K. Simply emphasises the importance of preventing oxidation and keeping all contacts clean.

good to read your post & see that it was as easy as cleaning the contacts!
I see that my suggestion to you out-of-whack! I didn't know that you lived in New Zealand. Duh!
Anyway, NOW you can enjoy the music!