VTL S400 or Siegfried

I have searched on the forum, and haven't seen anybody using these amps in their systems. The one time I heard the S400, against a Burmester of similar price, I was very impressed. I'm a little concerned though, that I see nobody with these absolutely wonderful systems, swayed enough to purchase them. Comments?

Dealer in LA have a pair of S800 Siegrfrieds and I heard it against Halcro DM88. It blew away the Halcro in every respect and made it sound like a cheap amplifier in cmparison. But then again, it's a solid state and with very bad negative feedback implementation. I don't see how Stereophile can rank it at top in their latest issue. Siegfrieds are wonderful amps but very expensive $45,000 and I just wonder if there are any less pricey tube stuff that are just as good. For example, Wolcott I head in a seperate occasion has similar sonics but then again you really don't know until you compare side by side.
Thanks! Halcro dm88 was on my shortlist too.