VTL 50/50 Power Amp

I recently purchased a VTL 50/50 Power Amp. I can't find anything about it on-line...anyone have any info, thoughts, opinions? Thanks!
I was looking for a low distortion tube amp to drive the main panels of my Audio Artistry 'Dvorak' system (woofer are best driven by solid state). It was suggest by the designer that some low power triode tube amps can perform very well if distortion can be kept at <0.1%

The first place I went was to VTL since I had owned their discontinued 45w mono's to drive Apogee's in the 80's. But they did not come close in meeting the distortion spec. Nor did C-J, Cary, or any of the 'major' brands. Usually more like <1.0-2.0%, if a spec was offered at all.

I think most tube amps are selling the 'warm glow' distoriton they so easily provide, which is used to 'compensate' for the abundant overly 'bright' CD's on the market. Or, they do not know how to design sufficiently low distortion into their amps (?)

Rogue was found to have specs in that range, but since tubes produce so much heat, and warm up, and adjustment is an inconveince, the benefit subtle, I use VERY low distortion SS amps throughout.
Originally, VTL was made in Great Britain. This piece may be from that era, check the back panel to see. It is many, many moons ago. If my memory serves, it was marketed through Audio Advisor and was featured in the catalog.