VTA adjusting for Denon DL-103

Just got a brand new Denon DL-103 today. When I compare to other cartridges it seems quite a bit shorter. That means when mounting to the Tecnoarm (modified RB250) without adjusting the VTA, the arm tube is kind of tilt down from the perfect pararell from the previous setup from other cartridge.

Any guide line for this combo setup? I could spend all night keep trying changing the VTA. However, with you help, I can start from some where and that could help me save a lot of time.

The arm tube on my OL seems to have the best sound with the back of the armtube lower than the front. But, I like to play with it, so it varies a lot.

I'd suggest playing with it for the best sound. You can measure all day, but in the end it's the sound that counts!
Agree with Jphii, though having the armtube *approximately* level for an "average" thickness record (whatever that is) is not a bad idea. I agree it's not worth fretting over though, the cartridge-record relationship is far more critical than the armtube-record relationship.

I haven't heard that a 103 is shorter than a normal cartridge, but if it is you could always add a headshell shim.
I'm using a DL-103R on a RB600 on a Rega P25 and when I installed the Denon it seems to make that tone arm just about perfectly level.

I was all prepared with an Expressimo VTA adjuster to raise the tonearm, but none seems necessary. I may try it one day just for kicks, but then again, that's the beauty of a Rega. You don't really have to fuss with it.

Paul Green
I have a Well Tempered Turntable and tonearm and run the Denon DL 103R. After initial alignment of the cartridge, get a test record and actually measure and adjust azimuth by making sure you are getting equal strength signal from both left and right channel. Then adjust VTA. Recheck everything one more time, tracking force, alignment, etc. etc.

I have found that of all the adjustments on a turntable, Azimuth combined with VTA as second top priority has yielded the largest improvements in presentation and sound with this Denon 103.

Keep spinning them LPs!