VPI Scout and Scout Master questions? Can I place.

Hi guys (VPI owners)

Can I place the Outer Peripheral Ring on my Scout Turntable?
Will it fit? NOT THE SCOUT MASTER but the Scout?

Are the diameters of the platter different or exactly the same?


Why don't you contact Harry Wiesfeld at VPI? There isn't a finer human being on the planet. He will always answer your questions.
I believe the Scout does not have the neccessary "groove" on the outside edge of the platter - that platter is part of the Scoutmaster upgrade.
From the VPI website:

"The HR-X periphery Ring Clamp does NOT fit the Scout platters; it only fits the Aries-3, TNT-6, TNT-JR, and Scoutmaster Platters. The ring does NOT fit any older platter made with metal or lead"

As a Scout owner You can do as I have and buy the 'Scoutmaster' platter/bearing and the ring clamp/center weight to upgrade your Scout or if you are serious VPI has a trade up policy Scout for Scoutmaster thats actually cheaper!