VPI Ring Clamp

I'm a little unclear about exactly what is included with the ring clamp, does it come with the outer ring, and the center weight, or does it just come with the outer ring for $500 ?
There was a thread on this topic last week, I believe. Its my understanding that the VPI outside weight is designed for the 12.25" platter, and the upgade that you are asking about is a $1000 upgrade for the 12.25" platter, a new spindle bearing and the outside record weight.

The Sound Engineering Outsider is machined for a specific turntable platter/tone arm/cartridge. This is the one that sells for $495.
Only the outer ring. If you are using it on an older Aries, you will need a new platter as well.
It will only fit the Extended Aries, Scoutmaster, Super Scoutmaster, & Hr-x. It will not fit the Black Knight.

The optional stainless steel center weight is MFRP of $150.00 extra.
What is the benefit of getting the stainless steel center weight? Is it worth the money?
Well since non of the Vpi tables are suspended designs, the addition of the center weight adds additional weight for mass dampening. There is no need to purchase the new style stainless center weight with the use of the ring clamp. As the older style Stainless/Delrin clamp used on TNT's, & HR-X's with the Peripheral ring was also a screw down type design. The new weight make lp changes quicker, as you just lift of the weight, as you hang the ring clamp over your neck. The new weight is very attractive, & will have you grunting like Tim Allen on Tool Time if your a Gear Head. I do believe that you will discountinue the use of the washer below the screw down record clamp, in conjuction with the outer ring clamp.

Audio Advisor was the first to offer the new clamp for sale. I have a Vpi user buddy in Germany who after seeing it on Vpi's site wanted one shipped to him. After seeing it, I figured this would be easy to make. I measured the clamp with a pair of calipers, did a scaled drawing. And approched another friend who is a gunsmith who feed the dimensions into his computer, & we made one on his cnc metal lathe, & I polished all the high spot on a buffing wheel. The 2 black stripes are black O-ring washers picked up at a appliance parts store. Unlike Vpi's I had the interior spindle hole on mine black teflon coated. So there is no metal to metal friction/wear to the treaded spindle on my TT, should I elect to reuse the screw down type. It was a fun project!