VPI Aries 3 Questions - Looking to make a switch

I have a VPI Aries 3 turntable with the following upgrades. Periphery Clamp, Mini HRX Feet, Super Platter, XLR Junction Box, SDS Speed Controller, Single Flywheel motor. I am presently running a Lyra Delos with 200 hours on it. I love the sound of the turntable, but it is simply too big in my opinion. 

I am pondering trading it for a VPI Classic 3 or similar. I also can get a good deal on an AMG Giro. I am wondering how the performance of my current rig would compare with a smaller footprint VPI like a classic 3. I don't want to take a step backwards. I was also wondering how my current rig would compare in performance to the AMG Giro.

I was also wondering what my rig is worth with and without the Lyra Delos? 

Thank you.


@pilrem closing this post. Our system created two of them.