VOTE Naim cd5i or Sony xa9000es or esoteric dv50s

I want to get the Agon community vote on these 3 players. there all around 1000-1500 used. My gear is a Classe ca200, Audible Illusions L2 tube Preamp, Mirage M1 Speakers. Ive heard a Esoteric ux1, and a naim cdx2, and I loved both of those. However there both a little above the budget. I havent heard the sony but Ive heard good things about the xa9000es and the xa5400es. But I dont know how they sound, as like any audiophile at first Im a little reluctant to purchase a name they sell at sears, (sony) So please any adice is so appretiated
Get a new 5400, has five year warranty. Break it in and enjoy.
I haven't heard the Sony or Esoteric players, so this isn't a vote. But, fwiw, I think the Naim CD5i is fantastic. It made a huge improvement to my very modest system: Music Hall a25.2 and Quad 11L; the CD5i replaced a Music Hall cd25.2. The biggest difference from the cd25.2 was that, with the CD5i, mediocre recordings that I'd given up listening to (early Husker Du, for example) sounded much, much better. I was curious, but skeptical, about the "Naim sound," but it works for me. The Music Hall was more transparent and gave a greater impression of "space" and "air," but the Naim is more musical: tight, organic, and propulsive.