Von Schweikert VR2 used as Center Channel

After initially using my VR4Jr speakers for two channel audio, these migrated into my home theater system. I added a Von Schweikert LCR15 center channel (to replace my Definitive CLR2000) and TS150 surrounds. While the LCR15 performed well for its size and was a good timbre match, it could be dominated by the VR4Jr on certain soundtracks and music despite careful level matching.

Recently I purchased a pair of used Von Schweikert VR2 speakers with the intent of trying these as surrounds or rear speakers. However, after trying one of the VR2 speakers in place of the LCR15, it has a permanent home as my new center channel. The improvement in imaging and lower frequency response relative to the LCR15 was clear.

Now the question is what to do with the remaining VR2 and the LCR15. Should I sell these or move one to rear channels for 6.1 or both for unmatched 7.1?